The Full Body Fix is meant to be done with minimal gear, however, should you need additional suggestions on stretching bands and foam rollers, here a few of my favorites.

Stretching Bands - You may need a few different weights based on the different tension levels. My favorite are these Serious Steel, especially the red, green and blue levels.


Theraball / Exercise Ball
- Great for Theraball cobras and other midline exercises, my favorite and most versatile is the standard 45 cm size from Theraball.


Foam Roller
- for general soft tissue manipulation, try this standard 12" high-density foam roller.



Trigger Point Massage Ball
- In most videos using a massage ball, I recommend a tennis ball sized tool. This one from TriggerPoint is a nice blend of size and firm pressure, but not so painful as a lacrosse ball.


Joint floss bands can be super helpful to get sticky joints moving. See each protocol for specific instructions on using these.