Are you a health care provider, trainer or therapist?

Learn how easy it can be to equip your clients and patients with effective Home Rehab Protocols!

What if at-home rehab was more like iTunes, and less like ICD-10?

As a Chiropractor, I wanted to equip my patients with tried and true at home rehab protocols. But the current offerings in the market simply didn't suit my style. 

Too clumsy. Too expensive. Too many exercises to sort through. It seemed like there had to be a better way!

So I starting making what has now become The Full Body Fix. Progressive, corrective exercise videos and downloadable guides for the most common conditions we see in practice. 

Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Rehab, Knee Pain, IT-Band Tendonitis, Hamstring Mobility, Hip Mobility & Stability, Sciatica, Sacroiliac Dysfunction, Low Back/Mid Back & Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel Sydrome, Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, and Wrist Pain. 

Best of all is how seemlessly it can integrate into your current practice. Simply refer your patient to the website with a protocol recommendation, and we handle the rest. 

I'm working hard to make sure this is the easiest, most effective home rehab solution possible. I've teamed with some of my own collegues around the country to do some initial testing on the product and am continuing to refine the process.

In the meantime, I'd love to keep you updated on details and deals via email. Be first in line and get the best price as soon as it's ready.

Thanks for your interest in the Full Body Fix. 
-Dr. Scott Mills